for love is to sea


Reprint from original oil painting on cotton paper 1/100

Size 610 x 610

You always pull me
away from the harmless shore
to your mystery. 

I ask of you,
the water that forever gives,
to stay with me. 

Whose water is pure
but the goddess of the sea?
Safe and clean and yours. 

The depths I can’t see, 
but the water can only induce
a wonder in me. 

The oceans daughter;
Her waves echo and become
ripples in my life. 

I seek the divine
in your pleasant, deep unknown. 
It’s you, I believe. 

My future is bright. 
Sunrise over the water. 
Crested kissing sun. 

The ocean is mine. 
My beloved forever,
whom I do not know. 
For love is to see. 
I will marry the ocean;
for love is to sea.


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